Thursday, May 1, 2014


this week has been crazy... it started out normal. i took pictures of hailey (not many though, because it started raining) sunday afternoon. they turned out pretty good :)

then came monday. my back started hurting on my right side. i immediately thought it was my kidneys (because i know i don't drink enough water and i drink absolutely too much coke zero) so i started drinking water and taking cranberry pills.

by early evening, i was crouched over on my side in agonizing pain...

and the pain seemed to spread. from my back into my right chest and arm. i tried to sleep, but laying down was more painful than sitting up. i found one pain pill and half of an ambien and knocked myself out for the night.

tuesday morning i went to the doctor. they did a ct scan of my whole abdomen and chest. they also did a urinalysis and drew blood.

they didn't find any infection but they did find that my right lung is partially collapsed.

as in closed.

as in it is very painful for leigh to breathe.

i cannot lay down without being in pain. and i cannot talk very much because it takes so much breathe to do so. 

the doctor prescribed me percocet for pain, and a muscle relaxer. Also, an antibiotic to help speed along the process of helping my lung to heal.

it takes one to two weeks for a partially collapsed lung to heal.

i probably shouldn't be at school but i am. i don't have many sick days left and i don't want to use them unless i absolutely have to.

the pain in my back/side has diminished a great deal, so now all i am dealing with is the lung problem. the muscle relaxer makes me sleepy so i cannot take them during the day. the percocet makes me a little drowsy, but nothing compared to the muscle relaxer...

si stayed with jason's parents last night. i cried at one point because i missed him so much :( but i know it was the best thing to do. i need rest and so does jason. but jason had better be bringing him home today! i can't take another evening without my baby si...