Sunday, July 20, 2014


Si just puked all over me.


And I had just finished giving him a bath no more than 15 minutes earlier. 

Time for bath #2!!

I'm not sure if he's really sick. He seems to feel great. Same smiling face and silly demeanor as always. 

The worst smell in the world has to be vomit...


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gone to camp

She's gone to camp. And I hope she is having an awesome time. I loved going to camp when I was young. She can't go swimming (and I'm sure you can figure out why) but there are plenty of other things she can do.

I'm holding Si right now and he's sleeping. 

My favorite part of the day :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favorite part of summer

My favorite part of my summer days is when I can lay down with Si for a nap. His face is so calm and sweet :) when Janie (rarely) comes and lays down with us, it becomes even better!

Today is packing day for camp! We went and bought everything Janie will need for her trip :) I ended up spending about $170 on it all.

I went through her hair yesterday while Nana and Pop were here with us. Nana watched Si so I could concentrate on what I was doing... I will check her again this evening, I sure hope I don't find anything...

I took pictures at Jamie and Sam's wedding reception this past weekend. Maggie was the second shooter (or maybe I was... I dunno) so we got lots of good shots. I got Maggie's pictures so I can pick out some to edit and compile a photo book for Jamie and Sam. 

Every couple deserves a wedding album :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Beautiful eyes

Strange that it's been a boring summer yet I haven't had time to blog... 

Janie and Si are becoming closer every day :) she watches out for her little baby brother constantly :) she is an awesome big sister :)

She thinks he has beautiful eyes :) I wonder if it's because his are brown and hers are blue... that is one of the most noticeable traits about Janie when you first see her. Those amazing big blue eyes. She has heard how beautiful they are all her life. But she's thinks his eyes are beautiful. 

I of course think they both have beautiful eyes :)