Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favorite part of summer

My favorite part of my summer days is when I can lay down with Si for a nap. His face is so calm and sweet :) when Janie (rarely) comes and lays down with us, it becomes even better!

Today is packing day for camp! We went and bought everything Janie will need for her trip :) I ended up spending about $170 on it all.

I went through her hair yesterday while Nana and Pop were here with us. Nana watched Si so I could concentrate on what I was doing... I will check her again this evening, I sure hope I don't find anything...

I took pictures at Jamie and Sam's wedding reception this past weekend. Maggie was the second shooter (or maybe I was... I dunno) so we got lots of good shots. I got Maggie's pictures so I can pick out some to edit and compile a photo book for Jamie and Sam. 

Every couple deserves a wedding album :)

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