Wednesday, December 31, 2014

lime jello and popsicles

Hopefully tomorrow I get discharged. I had another upper GI done this morning and they told me it looked great :)

Today I ate almost a full cup of lime jello for lunch. For supper I had two sugar free popsicles. The popsicles were definitely better than the yogurt lol

The CNA wanted me to walk the halls so I did for about 15 minutes. And my nurse (not the mean nurse from last night -thank goodness!) Gave me phenergen to help me sleep and dilaudid for pain.

I sure have missed my sweet baby Si...

Janie and Jason went to go watch a movie and then they're going to watch the fireworks in downtown Mobile :)

moan and groan

I just went walking around the halls of the hospital. I passed by a few rooms and I think this must be the bariatric wing of the hospital. I even kinda recognized one guy from the class we had to take.
Night Nurse Lady has been a completely different person than she was earlier.

I hate to be a complainer. I dispise having to hear someone complain over and over again, especially about the same thing. It's monotonous and idiotic. I also hate nagging. That's why I don't nag Jason. I'll ask once; that's it. If it isn't done after that, either it won't be done or I will do it myself. I had to do a lot for myself when I was married to Chris because he was gone off working construction so much. I just got used to it.

But this time it really paid off to complain and moan and groan about things.

Or maybe it was the subtle hint that I was going to complain to her boss...

Yep. That was probably it ;)

too little too late

I am about to fire my nurse.

She is uncaring and rude. When I ask her for pain medication she huffs at me. She's been late bringing it to me every time. Once I had to wait over 2 hours.

I have a bad feeling that if u was a different race she wouldn't be treating me like this.

And what is amazing is that when she could tell that I was mad she immediately did a 180 and started acting like she cared and even apologizing.

Too little, too late.

sleep for an hour...

Sleep for an hour...

Get woke up by the pain returning. Awake for an hour.

Sleep for an hour...

Get woke up by the lab tech so she can take my vital signs. Stay awake for about 30 minutes.

Sleep for an hour...

Get woke up by the alarm on my IV bag going off because it's empty...

And now I'm awake.

And it's only 2 o'clock am...


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

closet optimist

I survived surgery! I'm now sitting in my hospital room waiting on midnight so I can get my next dose of dilaudid. I haven't had anything to eat or drink since yesterday evening. I'm definitely not hungry but I sure am thirsty!

I am soooooooooo sore... my insides are all messed up. I should have expected this, but of course I didn't. That's the down side of being a closet optimist.

I can't wait to see my Baby Si! It was 2 years ago today that I found iut I was pregnant with him.

And the rest is history :) beautiful, wonderful history :)

good date

Surgery day :)

I am actually laying in the pre-op room waiting on them to take me to surgery.

My stomach is in knots. I've had to go to the bathroom twice already. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and they nurses won't have any hilarious stories to tell about me later lol

Jason is planning on taking Janie and Si to the Hank Aaron Stadium so they can see the Christmas lights tonight. And tomorrow night they'll get to see fireworks!

It was 2 years ago today that I found out I was pregnant with Si :)

December 30th is a good date :)

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Last night my mom called. I had to call her back because I had missed her call when I was giving Si a bath. I knew something was wrong when she didn't leave me a voicemail.

She asked me if I was alright. I told her I was great :) and I am great :)

Not far into the conversation she started to cry. She even asked me, "who do you go to when you need help?"

She cried almost the entire time we were on the phone. I almost started to feel sorry for her but I can't forget about how she has treated me ans made me feel like less. Less than a mother. Less than a daughter. Less than a human being. I do hope she feels better. I even told her she should go to the doctor and ask about getting on an antidepressant because it would help her immensely. She's probably not going to do that (because she thinks that would be like admitting something is wrong with her).

That old adage about leading a horse to water is definitely true.

I do wish someone (not me) had the guts to go to my uncle and tell him he had better start helping with his parents or his say-so in how they are cared for was going to be null and void. He's a real piece of work.

I expected a call this morning. She calls me every Sunday morning around 9 asking about taking Janie to church. But not today. I almost want to call her and make sure she's alright.


But... maybe I do need to call and check on my daddy...

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Am I scared? Of course I am. I honestly have been very cool about all of this until yesterday and the infamous conversation with my mom.

She thinks I'm not taking this seriously at all. That may be because I haven't acted scared about it in the least bit.

But yes, I am scared. Who wouldn't be?

But am I going to admit that to her?



My mom and I had a horrible fight today. It's been pretty much all I have been able to think about ever since I hung up the phone. Apparently someone told her that I was mean to Jason about his weight and she thinks I am being insensitive to other people because I am planning on having this surgery next week.

I broke down and cried. I yelled at her. I even cursed at her. And she never would tell me who told her I said such a horrible thing to Jason. It makes me wonder if she made it up.

She thinks I am being mean. Not that this is any different than the past 30 or so years. She also thinks I'm not taking this surgery seriously and she thinks I won't be able to do it.

I am done.

I cannot continue to allow her to berate me. She's been able to get into my head and cause me to think of myself in the negative way that she thinks of me.

I have had two huge fights with her lately. One was the week of thanksgiving and now this. It all boils down to her being unhappy. She thinks I blame her for all of my problems. She also thinks I hate my sister.

I don't hate anyone. Especially not my own sister.

When I went to a workshop in Tuscaloosa I downloaded a recording app to my phone. I didn't realize it was a phone conversation recorder. I wanted to record the audio from the workshop because it was very informative and interesting.

I had no clue how much I would use that phone conversation recorder. She seems to always say things to me while we are on the phone. It is probably because she knows I will get very upset and she doesn't have the guts to. Be so mean to me in person. Plus if no one else hears what she says she can deny it.

Well those days are over.

She told me in the conversation today that I said something earlier in the conversation that I knew I did not say. I was able to go back and make sure I had not said it. She doesn't realize that I've been recording her when we talk. But after today, I have a feeling she will find out soon.

I know she's unhappy with her life.

But that isn't my fault.

She doesn't want to take care of her parents but no one else will step up and help, so she is miserable and I am her mental punching bag of sorts.

But I am done.

I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday at 9 that morning. I don't want her there and I've told her so. She wants Janie to stay with her and my daddy while I'm in the hospital. But after today's conversation Jason wants to get a hotel room for them (him, Janie and Si) to stay in.

I have got to realize that our relationship will never be picturesque like hers and my sister's. It will simply never happen. And I am starting to be fine with that.

I won't argue anymore.

I won't confide in her ever again.

I have got to stop allowing her negativity to rule my life.

This is my life. Not hers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

exam day

exam day!!! today is the last day of exams (except for those who have to make up exams tomorrow) so this is the last day of students for me this term.

I have absolutely enjoyed teaching this term. I haven't had any problems with students or parents and I finally LOVE my curriculum.

now it's time to wrap Christmas presents!!!


Monday, December 15, 2014

rabid wombat

recently there has been a child in Janie's class that has been bullying her and her friends. she is calling them names and just being your run of the mill little punk.

the girl has gotten into trouble for it numerous times and things had gotten much better.
until today.

apparently this kid was making fun of one of Janie's friends today because the little girl had gotten bit by her dog on the nose. janie said it didn't look that bad. but the bully said that instead of the dog just biting her on the nose, she hoped that next time the dog bit her in the neck.

now... the rational part of me wants to think that this child, the bully, has some reason for acting out and she doesn't really understand what she said. maybe she doesn't realize that she wished bodily harm to the point of killing the little girl. she needs help on multiple levels.

the crazy momma in me wants to jerk her up and put the fear of God into her scrawny little self...
I contacted the school and spoke with the assistant principal. she tried to downplay what had been said and didn't seem surprised at all by what i told her.

this is a good example of why i am glad i have a call recorder on my cell phone.

i tried to contact the girl's mom (the girl who is being bullied, mot the bully) but she never responded to my message.

The assistant principal told me that she would 'deal with' the situation first thing in the morning.
i am a teacher. granted i teach high school which is worlds different from elementary or middle school, BUT there is absolutely no way i would tolerate any student acting the way this child has been acting. and as lax as my administrator can be on things, i highly doubt he would allow such behavior to continue.

i have become THAT mother, a mother bear defending her cubs from a rabid wombat.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


This is the last week of school before Christmas :-) I think I have bought all of the gifts I need to... except for a couple of small things.

I have two doctors appointments on Friday afternoon. I don't think I have ever been so excited, nervous and happy to go to the doctor... weird, huh?

Hopefully things will go smoothly and I won't be back writing an entry about anything negative lol

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

national junior beta club

Today my Janie was inducted into the National Junior Beta Club :)

I am so very proud of her!! She's been having problems with a girl at school bullying her and some of her friends. I had hoped to see the girl today; you know, just to be able to put a face with the name I hear so much.

But guess what?

She wasn't in the group that was inducted.

Apparently she's not that great of a student. Which may be part of the reason she is mean to Janie and her friends. Because the three girls that she picks on the most are all very smart.


This is the week before final exams. In college it's referred to as "dead week" and I think I understand why now. By this point everyone is dead tired of school.

Or it could be that this is the week that some kids find out they're no way going to pass a class - so their dead... ;)

Si has a pediatric cardiologist appointment tomorrow at noon. Jason is taking him because I don't have many sick leave days left. Si has a slight heart murmur. His pediatrician said it wasn't out of the ordinary for babies to have a slight heart murmur,but she wants to have him checked out just to make sure...

Goodness gracious, I hope it's nothing...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life changing

Last friday I got a life changing phone call. 

I was approved by my health insurance company for bariatric surgery.

Now... I have been through this process before. I was approved over 10 years ago and backed out at the last possible minute because I basically freaked out. There were too many people there and they were crying and staring at me... it was overwhelming.

This time though, I am determined not to back out.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A few disturbing things I have learned recently...

A few disturbing things I have learned recently...

Anthropodermic bibliopegy refers to the practice of binding books with human skin. This was often done with the skins of executed criminals in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries; although skins were obtained from other people as well, most notably the anonymous dead who were dissected. 

Kellogg's Cornflakes were developed by Dr John Harvey Kellogg who believed that a diet rich in fiber and poor in taste would keep people from engaging in lustful acts.

There is a website devoted to everything about the guillotine. It even has instructions on how to make your own.

There is an organization based in Switzerland that helps people with terminal illness and severe physical and mental illnesses to die, assisted by qualified doctors and nurse. 

When a person is hanged, the hyoid bone, which is located inside the larynx (voice box) and sits at the base of the tongue, is encased in muscles and ligaments and therefore very well protected from breakage and injury. However, during slow strangulation, the hyoid begins to crack, eventually snapping in two. A person can dangle at the end of the noose for as long as his neck muscles will allow. In some cases, this can be as long as 30 minutes. Apparently there was a malevolent executioner in Ireland that knew the shorter the rope, the longer it would take his victim to die. 

After the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, there was a hospital in New Orleans where over 40 corpses were found. They had not died because of the hurricane; they had dies because a doctor and two nurses decided it was easier for them to be murdered than to be evacuated.

In 1985 it was still a common practice at hospitals to perform surgery -- major and minor surgery on infants without any anesthetic, only with muscle relaxants to keep the child from moving while the surgery was being performed. Surveys of medical professionals indicate that as recently as 1986 infants as old as 15 months were receiving no anesthesia during surgery at most American hospitals.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

things to think about...

just because you think you're right doesn't mean that you are.

you can't live a positive life with a negative mind.

you are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel.

the first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.

too much ego will kill your talent.

sometimes you're not always right. sometimes you should just listen.

get over yourself. your problems seem HUGE to you, but they mean much less to everyone else.

some people need multiple anti-depressants. 

and xanax. xanax can fix anything... ;)



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rural Decay

I think most people who come from and live in small towns have a love/hate relationship with that town. 

I love my hometown.

It is where I grew up, and where I still live.  

There has only been a short amount of time in the past 35 years that I haven't lived in here. For a couple of years I lived in SmallTownville while I worked and went to community college there. And I also lived in the quaint community of AnotherSmallTownville for 6 or so years.

But the remainder of my life has been lived in this good, down-home town..

There have been times I have loathed living here. When I couldn't find a job in town (hence having to move to SmallTownville to work after college), when I went through my divorce in 2010 (not so long ago actually), and when I went through a rough time with an acquaintance that decided to slander my name around my lovely little town.

But for the most part, I love this town. I am glad I get to live here now and that I get to raise my children here.

I have been taking pictures for a few years. I think I have been a Flickr subscriber since 2007, so that makes 8 years.  I went through all of the images I have stored there and  made two new albums:

The first one is pictures of various places in the south that I have visited over the past eight years. I tried to concentrate on places that were forgotten - urban decay type pictures. Although most of the places I like to visit aren't and never have been urban by any means. 

So I should describe them as rural-decay.

The second set is of various places all over the state of Alabama. I really thought I had more images than what I found. I now have a mission -- take more pictures!

As if I needed to define a mission... ;)


"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fire Prevention 2014

It's Fire Prevention Day!

This is a BIG deal in our town. Our local volunteer Fire Department conducts an annual Town Inspection and hosts a Fire Prevention Parade.

 This year's Firemen’s Banquet, which recognizes the court, will be held last night. The parade is today at 3:30.  Floats are judged on theme, originality, and appearance. The top 3 winners are awarded cash prizes. The band judged to be the best is also awarded a cash prize. A poster contest is held at the elementary school also. 

Here's our Fire Court:

All of these girls are seniors from JHS. It's the best looking court yet!!

We get out of school early today (at 1 o'clock) so that everyone who is participating in the parade can come. 

The JWL (Jackson's Women's League) is having a float. Janie, Si and I are supposed to ride it. I have to go buy some candy for Janie to throw.

This is going to be FUN!!!

Here's my picture collage of past Fire Parades:

I hope I get some good pictures today! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014


This weekend we went to Meridian, Mississippi. Let me tell you one thing... there is NOTHING worth looking at in between our little home town and Meridian. There's only one town worth mentioning and even it isn't much to look at.

Meridian, however, has lots to look at. I wish we had taken the stroller with us, then I would have taken more pictures of the beautiful buildings they have in downtown Meridian. There is even one that is falling down that is magnificent! Currently a group is trying to restore it (although I somehow doubt they will be able to finish).

Here's a few images of our weekend:

 Then we found this beautiful cemetery. The saddest thing was when I found children's graves... Some of them only a few months old... Makes me hold Si even tighter...

We drove past an abandoned school on the way to Meridian somewhere near Sweetwater, Alabama. On the way back, I got Jason to stop so I could take some pictures.  Nanafalia is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Marengo County, Alabama, United States. As of the 2010 census, its population was 94.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Test day!

I love test days :) it gives me the chance to see how much of an impact my teaching is really doing with my students. And since I  have started teaching IT, it has been awesome!!

I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do. I am teaching Information Technology and these kids are actually getting it! It is amazing how well some of them are doing.

Right now we are working on the Microsoft Technical Associate Networking Fundamentals modules. It is test 98-366 and it is much harder than anything I had to do in high school.  When I was in college, I became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (it took me over $1000 to get that certification, btw) and no one has ever paid much attention to it.

Until now.

To be certified to teach Information Technology, one must have a technical certification. There is a list of the certifications that the teacher can hold to teach certain courses. This list has changed over time (because they have realized how important some of these certifications are). There is also a list of the certifications that we are supposed to offer to our students. That is why my Information Technology Fundamentals classes are studying for the MTA 98-366 exam. I hope that some of them will be able to pass the exam in a few weeks. I am pretty sure a couple of them will.

There is another teacher in this county teaching this class also. But, bless her heart, she is not an IT person.  I have given her all the help I can think to give her -- including all of the presentations, study guides, lecture notes and videos that I have for my students. 

This has been my favorite year teaching so far :) 

Next week is Fire Prevention Week, and midterm exams. I have a JWL meeting on Tuesday night. We get out early on Wednesday (for the parade) and Thursday (for in-service). On Friday, I am working the football game and Janie is going to spend the night with Isabel for her birthday slumber party.

It's going to be a busy week!

And just for fun, here's a picture of Si's big hair-do from yesterday :) hilarious!!!!



Monday, September 29, 2014

No phone for you!

I had to take Janie's phone away from her today. She's become virtually addicted to it! I took it from her after school and only let her have it for one hour thus evening so she could text her daddy.

I hope she realizes that there are more important things in life than a cell phone.  

She forgot her math homework at school. This morning after I went into her room three separate times to wake her up, I found her merely sitting on her bed holding her uniform pants.

She had done nothing to get ready in the 15 minutes I had allowed for her to get dressed. I was livid! But I didn't blow up. (I know, amazing,  right??)

Tonight she had to go to bed by 8 o'clock. 

Hopefully tomorrow morning will go much smoother.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Damn doctor...

When a doctor has so many patients that her office cannot fulfill basic requests (such as a prescription refill) without going through 3 separate phone calls and two unanswered voice-mails, it is time to downsize the number of patients. 

I think I will help out and just find another doctor.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Si just puked all over me.


And I had just finished giving him a bath no more than 15 minutes earlier. 

Time for bath #2!!

I'm not sure if he's really sick. He seems to feel great. Same smiling face and silly demeanor as always. 

The worst smell in the world has to be vomit...


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gone to camp

She's gone to camp. And I hope she is having an awesome time. I loved going to camp when I was young. She can't go swimming (and I'm sure you can figure out why) but there are plenty of other things she can do.

I'm holding Si right now and he's sleeping. 

My favorite part of the day :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favorite part of summer

My favorite part of my summer days is when I can lay down with Si for a nap. His face is so calm and sweet :) when Janie (rarely) comes and lays down with us, it becomes even better!

Today is packing day for camp! We went and bought everything Janie will need for her trip :) I ended up spending about $170 on it all.

I went through her hair yesterday while Nana and Pop were here with us. Nana watched Si so I could concentrate on what I was doing... I will check her again this evening, I sure hope I don't find anything...

I took pictures at Jamie and Sam's wedding reception this past weekend. Maggie was the second shooter (or maybe I was... I dunno) so we got lots of good shots. I got Maggie's pictures so I can pick out some to edit and compile a photo book for Jamie and Sam. 

Every couple deserves a wedding album :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Beautiful eyes

Strange that it's been a boring summer yet I haven't had time to blog... 

Janie and Si are becoming closer every day :) she watches out for her little baby brother constantly :) she is an awesome big sister :)

She thinks he has beautiful eyes :) I wonder if it's because his are brown and hers are blue... that is one of the most noticeable traits about Janie when you first see her. Those amazing big blue eyes. She has heard how beautiful they are all her life. But she's thinks his eyes are beautiful. 

I of course think they both have beautiful eyes :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014


this week has been crazy... it started out normal. i took pictures of hailey (not many though, because it started raining) sunday afternoon. they turned out pretty good :)

then came monday. my back started hurting on my right side. i immediately thought it was my kidneys (because i know i don't drink enough water and i drink absolutely too much coke zero) so i started drinking water and taking cranberry pills.

by early evening, i was crouched over on my side in agonizing pain...

and the pain seemed to spread. from my back into my right chest and arm. i tried to sleep, but laying down was more painful than sitting up. i found one pain pill and half of an ambien and knocked myself out for the night.

tuesday morning i went to the doctor. they did a ct scan of my whole abdomen and chest. they also did a urinalysis and drew blood.

they didn't find any infection but they did find that my right lung is partially collapsed.

as in closed.

as in it is very painful for leigh to breathe.

i cannot lay down without being in pain. and i cannot talk very much because it takes so much breathe to do so. 

the doctor prescribed me percocet for pain, and a muscle relaxer. Also, an antibiotic to help speed along the process of helping my lung to heal.

it takes one to two weeks for a partially collapsed lung to heal.

i probably shouldn't be at school but i am. i don't have many sick days left and i don't want to use them unless i absolutely have to.

the pain in my back/side has diminished a great deal, so now all i am dealing with is the lung problem. the muscle relaxer makes me sleepy so i cannot take them during the day. the percocet makes me a little drowsy, but nothing compared to the muscle relaxer...

si stayed with jason's parents last night. i cried at one point because i missed him so much :( but i know it was the best thing to do. i need rest and so does jason. but jason had better be bringing him home today! i can't take another evening without my baby si...

Monday, April 21, 2014

My sanity

Today I have been more thankful for Si than I ever have before. 

Without him, I think I might go crazy. He has been my sanity and my joy lately. 

Why must some people be so cruel and harsh? What do they get out of it? I know that when I make someone feel bad, it makes me feel bad. So I try to stick to treating others how I would like to be treated. 

Apparently that isn't the case with other members of this extended family..

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

C-section scar problems

Today it got up to 84 degrees in my classroom and that was with the air conditioner on 60 degrees. Gotta love the heat of an Alabama spring...

I am beginning to have problems with my c-section scar because of how the wound healed. It is actually because of how the doctors put me back together and all of the problems I had immediately after Si was born. 

I have some options...

Deal with it. Continue to bandage my scar for the rest of my life and fight off infection as best as I can.


Have it surgically fixed. 

The issue with the surgery though, is that I will need to lose a good deal of weight before having the revision. Otherwise it would most likely do no good. They removed fatty tissue from below my incision and that is what is causing the problem now.

Like I've said before, this body is not my body. It's not the one I had before Si was born by a long shot.

My mother has told me that I am going to have to have the problem fixed. I don't think she understands what all that entails. 

So for now I will continue to bandage the area and diet.

What else can I do?

Friday, March 21, 2014


Ugh... three weeks since I last blogged? I'm such a slacker... let's see... what all has happened in the past few weeks?

Swamped at work. I have designed a logo for the college and career expo that my department is hosting along with schools in the adjacent systems. I have also drawn a schematic for the map of the facility where it will be held. The original was so bad I can't believe that they actually handed it out to people. I have written and designed the whole 15 page program that is to be printed for the event. I have designed a billboard for the event. Yes, a BILLBOARD. I have designed a banner that will be used year after year for this expo (my boss hopes to have this thing every year). 

Oh, and I taught classes too!

Si has gotten much better with his RSV. Just a little bit of a stuffy nose now. We took him back to the doctor yesterday and he got a good report. I actually felt like I had a day off but then I got a message from my boss asking about the banner that had to be done by the end of business. So I had to go into work on my day off...

I designed and ordered prom tickets. And today I found out that I am supposed to design the prom t-shirt also.

Needless to say I am exhausted and I need a drink! 


Thursday, March 6, 2014


Si has RSV :( I went through this with Janie, but she was over a year old. Si is almost 7 months old...

Jason and I took him to the pediatrician today and we came home with a nebulizer and a prescription for albuterol. So far the breathing treatments are helping and there hasn't been any adverse side effects yet... I'm still waiting on that inhaled steroid cRaZy personality to show up though, because it definitely showed up with Janie. 

On a more positive note, Si has two teeth coming in!! At first we thought it was just one but I found the other one peeking through right beside it :)

So... this is completely off topic, but it has been bothering me... if a husband or boyfriend tells his significant other that something she does is bothering him, it is acceptable. BUT if a woman tells her husband or boyfriend something that he does is bothering her, she is automatically labeled as a bitch or a nag.

Neither of which I am. I keep my mouth shut. I have such a fear of being a nag that I very rarely complain about the things that other people do that bother me. Especially the people that I care about.

Okay. Rant over...

Monday, February 24, 2014


It's been a long day. Tomorrow the State Career Tech Director (like the big boss for my department), the mayor, our county Superintendent, the Project Manager for AIDT, the Executive Director of the Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council, a Representative from the Department of Conservation, Law Enforcement & Recruiting, and the Career Coach for our area of the state will be here to visit our school and talk to our students in an assembly.

I have cleaned my room like I've never cleaned it before. Thankfully my students helped me during 4th block. They are my best class! I can ask them anything and they never give me gripe about it.

I'm honestly not sure how much better my classroom looks... But I tried.

This summer my room is supposed to be completely revamped. Painted, new chairs and tables for my computer workstations, and hopefully something done to the floor. I am going to take some before and after pictures because I am hoping there is going to be a MAJOR difference.

My neck and shoulders are SO tight. They have been all day... Maybe after tomorrow is over I can relax some...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Way too fast

I was laying on the bed next to Si as he was sleeping. Today we took him to the doctor for his 6 month check up and for his shots. He's been a little fussy this afternoon but that's to be expected.

I looked over at Jason and asked him, 

"Would you think I was crazy if I told you I wanted to have another baby?"

"No. I love kids. You know that Leigh," was his response. 

Maybe it's the latent pregnancy hormones or the antidepressant that's talking. I don't quite know.

But I do know this...

He is growing up way too fast...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Si turned six months old on monday! he has gotten so big... i honestly don't know how much he weighs but we will find out for sure next week when we take him to the doctor for his six-month checkup (which includes shots...)

he just started being able to sit up on his own! he's still a bit wobbly but he can stay up for extended periods of time without support. my sister says it will be no time before he's crawling...

it's been a busy past few weeks. janie's skating birthday party (which turned out fine even though i wanted to punch the owner of the rink in the throat to begin with) and the the womanless beauty pageant at the high school that i took pictures at (and then had to make them private because of the thousands of views they were getting on flickr... it was kinda freaking me out...) and the jwl mardi gras ball in town last weekend (again, more pictures).

i've got two weddings coming up that i'm going to photograph. they're small weddings (my favorite kind) so they won't stress me out too bad...

it's only wednesday and I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. actually, i'm looking forward to 3:05. thankfully that's only about 20 minutes away ;)

Monday, January 27, 2014

winter weather

Snow day! Tomorrow and Wednesday we're out of school because of the winter storm that's heading our way :)

Janie had a skating party for her birthday this past Saturday and she had a blast! Jami, Daniel and Emmie even got to come :) 

Maybe I'll get some pictures of the snow tomorrow :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Si and I have been up for over an hour... I've tried to lay him back down once and he was back wide awake within minutes of me walking out of his room.

I miss sleep...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Growing up

my baby girl is going to be 10 years old on sunday...

sometimes it feels like it was only a few months ago that i held her like a little baby...

and other times it feels like a lifetime since i have held her like that...

i am so very proud of my daughter. she is growing up to be someone i am proud to say that i know and had a hand in raising.

people tell her all the time how pretty she is. and i am glad that she is pretty. but i asked her, what's more important than being pretty, janie?

her answer?

"being a good person, momma. and being nice. and being smart."

that's my girl... :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

roll tide rant

i am sick of Alabama fans. 

their smug attitude.

their elitist arrogance.

and for what reason??

most of the ones that i know didn't even attend (much less graduate from) the university of Alabama.
here is a quote from an Alabama fan (speaking about Auburn fans) that I know barely graduated from high school:

"they're the white trash next door neighbors who think they're as good as you & well they're just not."

this is what i think of the whole situation... they are acting like spoiled children. the kind who have never been told no and have never been disciplined before. the kind that throw tantrums in the middle of the floor in crowded stores and no one ever does anything to correct their behavior.

now that they have been knocked from their pedestal (and they may very well be placed back up on top of it and that is fine) they don't know how to react and are lashing out at people who don't deserve it.

white trash... if she wants to see white trash, i can SHOW her white trash... all i'd need to do is place her in front of a mirror.