Monday, December 15, 2014

rabid wombat

recently there has been a child in Janie's class that has been bullying her and her friends. she is calling them names and just being your run of the mill little punk.

the girl has gotten into trouble for it numerous times and things had gotten much better.
until today.

apparently this kid was making fun of one of Janie's friends today because the little girl had gotten bit by her dog on the nose. janie said it didn't look that bad. but the bully said that instead of the dog just biting her on the nose, she hoped that next time the dog bit her in the neck.

now... the rational part of me wants to think that this child, the bully, has some reason for acting out and she doesn't really understand what she said. maybe she doesn't realize that she wished bodily harm to the point of killing the little girl. she needs help on multiple levels.

the crazy momma in me wants to jerk her up and put the fear of God into her scrawny little self...
I contacted the school and spoke with the assistant principal. she tried to downplay what had been said and didn't seem surprised at all by what i told her.

this is a good example of why i am glad i have a call recorder on my cell phone.

i tried to contact the girl's mom (the girl who is being bullied, mot the bully) but she never responded to my message.

The assistant principal told me that she would 'deal with' the situation first thing in the morning.
i am a teacher. granted i teach high school which is worlds different from elementary or middle school, BUT there is absolutely no way i would tolerate any student acting the way this child has been acting. and as lax as my administrator can be on things, i highly doubt he would allow such behavior to continue.

i have become THAT mother, a mother bear defending her cubs from a rabid wombat.

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