Tuesday, December 9, 2014

national junior beta club

Today my Janie was inducted into the National Junior Beta Club :)

I am so very proud of her!! She's been having problems with a girl at school bullying her and some of her friends. I had hoped to see the girl today; you know, just to be able to put a face with the name I hear so much.

But guess what?

She wasn't in the group that was inducted.

Apparently she's not that great of a student. Which may be part of the reason she is mean to Janie and her friends. Because the three girls that she picks on the most are all very smart.


This is the week before final exams. In college it's referred to as "dead week" and I think I understand why now. By this point everyone is dead tired of school.

Or it could be that this is the week that some kids find out they're no way going to pass a class - so their dead... ;)

Si has a pediatric cardiologist appointment tomorrow at noon. Jason is taking him because I don't have many sick leave days left. Si has a slight heart murmur. His pediatrician said it wasn't out of the ordinary for babies to have a slight heart murmur,but she wants to have him checked out just to make sure...

Goodness gracious, I hope it's nothing...

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