Wednesday, December 31, 2014

moan and groan

I just went walking around the halls of the hospital. I passed by a few rooms and I think this must be the bariatric wing of the hospital. I even kinda recognized one guy from the class we had to take.
Night Nurse Lady has been a completely different person than she was earlier.

I hate to be a complainer. I dispise having to hear someone complain over and over again, especially about the same thing. It's monotonous and idiotic. I also hate nagging. That's why I don't nag Jason. I'll ask once; that's it. If it isn't done after that, either it won't be done or I will do it myself. I had to do a lot for myself when I was married to Chris because he was gone off working construction so much. I just got used to it.

But this time it really paid off to complain and moan and groan about things.

Or maybe it was the subtle hint that I was going to complain to her boss...

Yep. That was probably it ;)

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