Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Si turned six months old on monday! he has gotten so big... i honestly don't know how much he weighs but we will find out for sure next week when we take him to the doctor for his six-month checkup (which includes shots...)

he just started being able to sit up on his own! he's still a bit wobbly but he can stay up for extended periods of time without support. my sister says it will be no time before he's crawling...

it's been a busy past few weeks. janie's skating birthday party (which turned out fine even though i wanted to punch the owner of the rink in the throat to begin with) and the the womanless beauty pageant at the high school that i took pictures at (and then had to make them private because of the thousands of views they were getting on flickr... it was kinda freaking me out...) and the jwl mardi gras ball in town last weekend (again, more pictures).

i've got two weddings coming up that i'm going to photograph. they're small weddings (my favorite kind) so they won't stress me out too bad...

it's only wednesday and I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. actually, i'm looking forward to 3:05. thankfully that's only about 20 minutes away ;)

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