Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fire Prevention 2014

It's Fire Prevention Day!

This is a BIG deal in our town. Our local volunteer Fire Department conducts an annual Town Inspection and hosts a Fire Prevention Parade.

 This year's Firemen’s Banquet, which recognizes the court, will be held last night. The parade is today at 3:30.  Floats are judged on theme, originality, and appearance. The top 3 winners are awarded cash prizes. The band judged to be the best is also awarded a cash prize. A poster contest is held at the elementary school also. 

Here's our Fire Court:

All of these girls are seniors from JHS. It's the best looking court yet!!

We get out of school early today (at 1 o'clock) so that everyone who is participating in the parade can come. 

The JWL (Jackson's Women's League) is having a float. Janie, Si and I are supposed to ride it. I have to go buy some candy for Janie to throw.

This is going to be FUN!!!

Here's my picture collage of past Fire Parades:

I hope I get some good pictures today! :)

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