Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rural Decay

I think most people who come from and live in small towns have a love/hate relationship with that town. 

I love my hometown.

It is where I grew up, and where I still live.  

There has only been a short amount of time in the past 35 years that I haven't lived in here. For a couple of years I lived in SmallTownville while I worked and went to community college there. And I also lived in the quaint community of AnotherSmallTownville for 6 or so years.

But the remainder of my life has been lived in this good, down-home town..

There have been times I have loathed living here. When I couldn't find a job in town (hence having to move to SmallTownville to work after college), when I went through my divorce in 2010 (not so long ago actually), and when I went through a rough time with an acquaintance that decided to slander my name around my lovely little town.

But for the most part, I love this town. I am glad I get to live here now and that I get to raise my children here.

I have been taking pictures for a few years. I think I have been a Flickr subscriber since 2007, so that makes 8 years.  I went through all of the images I have stored there and  made two new albums:

The first one is pictures of various places in the south that I have visited over the past eight years. I tried to concentrate on places that were forgotten - urban decay type pictures. Although most of the places I like to visit aren't and never have been urban by any means. 

So I should describe them as rural-decay.

The second set is of various places all over the state of Alabama. I really thought I had more images than what I found. I now have a mission -- take more pictures!

As if I needed to define a mission... ;)

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