Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Earlier this year, I told Janie that was was more concerned with her learning in school and not necessarily as concerned with her grades. Make a B? Well, do you understand what you did wrong and won't make that mistake on the next test? Good deal. A grade doesn't always necessarily equate to the amount of knowledge gained. I know how important a good foundation in math, science and English are for success in high school and college. I did, however, tell her that I would be more concerned with her actual graded once she started high school because those would be the grades that would determine her rank in her class and her ability to be awarded scholarships for college. Today she came home with a letter from Adam Andrews at JMS. And I was almost embarrassed at how excitedly happy I was when I read it... 😍👍✏ #proudofmygirl #janiebelle #getsithonest #hadtobrag #sorrynotsorry #mysavinggrace

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