Thursday, July 25, 2013

school supplies

So I'm down to 21 hours that I have to work before August 8th. Not too shabby. It definitely has made this week different than the past few weeks. I'm not complaining... just a statement of observation ;)

Today Janie and I went to work for a few hours and then to Wal-Mart to purchase her school supplies. I was able to get everything for just under $90. As I was looking through the loose leaf paper trying to find wide-ruled paper, a woman walked by with what looked like her mother and her 3 children. As she glared at me with my buggy full of school supplies, she stated very loudly and obnoxiously, "I ain't buyin' no school supplies this year. Screw dat." To which her eldest daughter replied, "but momma I need paper and pens at least."

The child got no response.

I have a feeling that the whole conversation was merely for my benefit. As if to say I'm the idiot for purchasing all of the items on the school supply list. Because I absolutely know (as a school teacher myself) that about half of the students that will be in Janie's class will show up the first day of school with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. And that all of the supplies that have been purchased by the other students will be used by the whole class.

Does that mean I will stop purchasing school supplies for my child?


Does it mean I think that woman dea erved to be slapped across the face?

Hell yes it does.

Well... I got that off of my chest...

After we finished with our shopping excursion we went home to go through Janie's school uniform clothes for this year. Thankfully we have more than enough shorts, shirts and pants to get us started (as long as she doesn't hit a major growth spurt any time soon) and I won't have to worry about buying those for a few months.

Now I'm watching the movie MAMA with Jason... this is definitely a freaky movie... Janie is playing on her Kindle and avoiding going to bed with everything she has. But it is still summertime, right?

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