Saturday, August 17, 2013

epitome of cuteness

Better day today so far. Although I have to remember that yesterday was actually a very good day until about 6 o'clock when I realized I was bleeding...

Jason, bless his heart, has been such a good husband through all of this. First the pregnancy wasn't exactly easy for him (crazy hormonal wife who cried at the drop of a hat) and now this? A c-section patient who seems to keep having random complications... And he has yet to complain.

He's become my nursemaid. I never expected him to step up to the plate like this. I had actually already bragged about him to my sisters-in-law just 2 days ago because he has been so attentive and helpful.

I never expected him to have to help me change bloody clothes a week after my section. Now he deserves even more bragging...

I can tell Janie is a bit jealous of all the attention that she isn't getting. She's not exactly jealous of Si, she's just acting a bit different. Kinda like, "hey, look at what I just did" because she needs some affirmation that she is still important.

And she definitely is. So I am absolutely giving it to her. She was worried last night because she knew something was wrong and after I was feeling up to it, I explained to her what happened. Not in any great detail, of course, but she was happy with my explanation.

My sister and her family came to visit us! Emmie kept repeating "Baby Si!" over and over again. It was absolutely adorable!
That little girl is the epitome of cuteness! I remember when my Janie was that age... I miss my little baby Janie. But now I have my little baby Si :)

Too bad they can't stay young and innocent forever...

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