Saturday, March 28, 2015

1300 miles

Day 5: miles 1300 - Bristol, Virginia or Tennessee... Not sure... I am so ready to be back home. Or at least in Alabama. Si has been unbelievably good on this trip. He has a cough that is sounding worse every day though. Pretty sure the day we spent in Louisville out in the cold rain didn't help much. Janie has been an awesome help with Si. I hope she doesn't start to resent helping with him... Jason has needed a couple of attitude adjustments, but overall this has been a really good trip. Our original plans of being gone for 4 days has turned into 6, which means I am already stressing about school on Monday. But it will all work out and be fine ☺

Got to Knoxville later than I wanted to. Unpacked our bags in our 2 adjoining rooms (score for Janie-no couch sleeping tonight!) Jason decided we should go to Texas Roadhouse for supper. We walked in the door at 9:56. By 10:48 we still had no food. Then Jason started feeling sick. Not sniffles/cold sick. Like vertigo/can't see straight/gonna throw up sick. And he did. Throw up I mean. I shoved one of the buckets they serve peanuts in under his face and he filled it up. I almost couldn't stand beside him when he was puking because I was worried I might puke too. Janie scooped Si up and took him to another table away from us. (Yet more proof of how awesome she is). We didn't leave the restaurant until 11:30 because it took forever to get Jason to the truck. Oh and I got to drive the truck for the first time tonight. Not the ideal circumstance... I drove way too slow and almost hit one little white car. That's when the tears started. I was just overwhelmed. Finally got to the hotel and got Jason all the way back up to our room. Janie stayed with Si in the truck because I had to go back out to park the truck anyway. (The truck is now sitting in the far corner of the parking lot all by itself) she had him wrapped in a blanket laying in her lap. She is not perfect but she is as close as she can be sometimes... ❤

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