Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Last Video by Marshal Lowery (RIP 1948 - 2015)

I pulled this from Mr. Marshall's YouTube page. It is the last video that he made and he left instructions with his family to please post it after he passed. 
Mr. Marshall passed away yesterday evening. I cannot begin to fathom what Allison and the rest of her family is feeling right now. I only know that they are good people going through a very hard time.
Published on Oct 13, 2015
This is his son uploading his last video made intended to be posted after his death. He passed away on October 13, 2015. He passed at a moment I think he was aware we were all okay. Mom was taking with people who brought food, my sister and her son were outside laughing and playing with the dogs, and I was sitting across from him. I looked up and realized his chest was not rising. That's when I knew he had passed.

Like my father says at the end of this video, if you feel lead to you can send money to the address he showed on the paper. You don't need to but it will be greatly appreciated

there are a total of 5 praise poem videos that he didn't post before getting at his worse. If you would like these videos to be posted as well, let me know in the comments and we will get those posted for you ASAP.

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