Sunday, February 28, 2016

#mindblogger @samqurashi Some people have a need to please everyone around them. In truth, there's nothing wrong with putting a smile on people's faces; and there's absolutely nothing wrong with helping everyone around you; but when you have a need to please everyone, you become a slave to everyone; your world begins to revolve around the idea of people accepting you, you start to fear upsetting them out of a need to avoid their rejection, and you develop what is known as "the disease to please". When you help people out of a need to seek their approval and acceptance, that's when your emotions take a dark turn, and that's when you have to stop and readdress the way you communicate. People that have "the disease to please" say: "thank you", "please", and "sorry" a lot; in other words, they thank needlessly, ask for permission unnecessarily, and apologize excessively; and most importantly, they can't say: "no". When you're too focused on others, you neglect yourself, and you start to live your life by their rules; that would allow them to violate your boundaries; it would also restrict you, and limit your progress in life because it will change the grounds you walk on in a way that would make it extremely difficult to navigate; and because of that, you would be constantly walking on eggshells, and therefore, you would be permanently living in fear; would that be a life worth living? Absolutely not. I am not asking you to be selfish, but I am suggesting that you become more consciously aware of the way people can manipulate you. I am not asking you to stop apologizing, thanking, asking for permission, or accepting requests from others, but I am suggesting that you minimize them because you are practicing them excessively, which makes people take advantage of you; and I am suggesting that you create strong boundaries for yourself that people can start to acknowledge and respect; doing that will free you from the unnecessary distractions of others, and allow you to focus on what truly matters, to you, in your own life. by thegoodquote


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