Monday, October 31, 2016

A well regulated militia

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My two cents on several vital current issues.
It seems like just about any time anymore I talk to people who don't understand what the 2nd Amendment means, I'm amazed by the genuine level of ignorance I encounter so I'm going to break it down for you, explain in terms even a Liberal or uneducated layperson can understand...what y'all choose to ignore or embrace remains to be seen.
The 2nd amendment:
The first thing people need to understand is what "well regulated" meant in the 17 and 1800's . It didn't mean the same thing as to what people think it means now. Today, Regulated means, to control or direct according to rule, principle, or law. In the 17 and 1800's Regulated meant, to put or maintain in order. So, when our founders wrote the 2nd Amendment and used "A Well Regulated" for the first 3 words, they were referring to "a well armed and well trained" militia, not that the government should, needs or has the authority to dictate what types of firearms we can and cannot KEEP, or where we have the right to BEAR them. People nowadays think it means that the government has the right to regulate our firearms. However any rational intelligent person would understand that if it meant what they thought it meant back when our founders wrote it today, it would contradict the "shall not be infringed" part, right?... We'll get to that in a minute, but first lets discuss what an actual militia is and isn't.
The "militia" was not a standing army like the U.S. Army or Marines now, or even the Colonial Army or Colonial Regulars during the revolution. They were every day ordinary citizens that could be called up at a moments notice in a time of need. They could fight with the regular Army or oppose them if they were ever to became tyrannical. The militias were all volunteer and were under no contractual obligation nor were they paid unless asked to stand or fight a long side the regular Army, but they could leave anytime and were under no oath or contract to stay. The Militias were not controlled by local, state or the federal governments, and as I said, it was all voluntary. But every citizens duty to be armed and ready should that need arise. Now, Liberals/Democrats and those who oppose the second amendment would like everyone to believe that National Guard is the Militia...and they would be wrong. Why? Because one, the National Guard is in fact a Branch of the U.S. Army and they are under contract with their state governments, the federal government and receive a paycheck from the government which is the very definition of a "Standing Army". Our founders intended for our militias to NOT be controlled by the government because if the government EVER became tyrannical they wanted a "citizens militia" to be able to take the power back, by force if necessary, and give it back to the people.
Now the citizens, Well Armed and Well Trained, and an uncontrolled militia, was necessary for the security of a free state...even if that meant against our own government(which I truly believe is the root motivate of the current administrations efforts to ban firearm ownership but I digress...) and in order for the security of a free state the "people" needed to be armed and be able to retain that "RIGHT" to be armed without any interference or infringement from the government...period... our founders knew and understood that if the people lost that right a free state was no longer guaranteed. Now to KEEP means in your home, to BEAR means wear it on your person...your chest, hip, leg, under your arm or even in your waist band, which I wouldn't do, but hey to each his bear means you can carry a gun in public...period!
Last but not least is my favorite, those four little words gun grabbers, liberals and traitor politicians hate to hear...SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Politicians are always talking about how they can ratify any amendment in the Constitution and I don't disagree...except for the 2nd Amendment. Why? Because it's the only amendment in the Constitution that has those four words that makes Liberals cringe, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Just like well regulated, Liberals obviously don't know what infringe[d] means either, and that the meaning of the word infringed hasn't changed since the 1700's. But, for the sake of argument, here's the definition so Liberals will better understand what infringed means by definition.
1. To transgress or exceed the limits of; violate: infringe a contract; infringe a patent or a right.
2. To encroach on someone or something; engage in trespassing:
1. (tr) to violate or break (a law, an agreement, etc)
2. (intr; foll by on or upon) to encroach or trespass
I honestly think no matter how many times we explain it to Liberals or even a large portion of the general public either their minds are so warped or they just don't care so I really don't think me explaining this to them really matters. They're willing to give up all of their rights and ours, yes all of our rights, because they're weak and scared...but they all love to point out that they have a First Amendment "right" to speak out against the Second Amendment but they're too ignorant to realize that the first amendment won't last very long without the second amendment, hand in hand with those who support it, to protect it...nor will any other amendments.
Sooooo....if this breakdown of the 2nd Amendment does anything or helps anyone to better understand it, maybe it'll wake up all those intelligent and rational people who've been lied to, deceived and betrayed by the Main Stream Media, the sellouts and puppets who refer to themselves as journalist and tragically our very own government. And if it doesn't, well, there's enough of us who do understand what the Second Amendment clearly states and those of us who will die defending it that have no problem making the other persons who try to take these rights see the light rapidly and with extreme prejudice.
Understand people, no man, group of men, organization, like the U.N....another country nor our own has the right to take, INFRINGE, on our right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS and anyone who tries will be met with, as a last but guaranteed resort in my case and many many others as well, deadly force. Your fear of us owning and carrying firearms does not trump our right to KEEP and BEAR them...understand, if the thought of us law abiding citizens owning and carrying firearms scares you, then what will happen if anyone tries to disarm us should terrify you.

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