Sunday, February 15, 2015


Chris came to get Janie around 11 this morning. They usually spend at least one day together every weekend :)

Jason, Si and I went to Sunflower. We got Mrs Susanne and Mr Gene to go out to Toinette and do some treasure hunting with us. I found a bunch of broken glass and a few bottles. I asked Allison if she wanted any of the glass (because what in the world was I going to with a box full of broken glass?) And she said definitely yes.

The colors of the glass are green, seafoam green, brown, white, blue, clear,  and a few pieces had designs painted in them. Very, very pretty :)

Si walked all over the place! Which meant he has been in an ill mood ever since we got home. We hiked around in the woods for over 3 hours. I definitely got my exercise!

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