Monday, February 2, 2015

hornet's nest

Some things aren't worth fighting over.

Over the weekend, i think SIL#1 and I buried the hatchet, so to speak. I apologized to her and she actually apologized to me. It felt good to get it over and done with. Not that I see us hanging out as BFFs any time soon. We are just different. And we're family. We don't have to be best friends just because we are family. We don't even have to agree.

Things didn't work out as well between Fiance and SIL#1... I told Jason it was like coming up on a hornets nest, and I wasn't one to poke at a hornet's nest.

Hopefully things will blow over and everyone will play nice.

Jason and I went to Needham, Alabama on Saturday. Janie spent the day with Chris, so it was just me, Jason and Si. There's less than 100 people that live in Needham. I'm pretty sure they knew we were out-of-towners...

They have a small park in the town that is centered around the old Walter Wilson gristmill. There is also a log cabin that has been re-built using timbers from old homes that were donated to the town. It's a nice park. Much nicer than I expected for a town of only 94 people...

The rest of the pictures I took are on my flickr page.

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