Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dear Justin & Jamie

I want to thank you and Justin for opening your home to our family. We have had an amazing time and I look forward to visiting in the future. I know that Jackson doesn't have as much to offer as your neck of the woods does, but if you ever want to come visit please come and stay with us.

I have made memories that I will cherish forever! Jamie, you are a wonderful hostess. Justin, you are such a good man. Just like my Jason, Big Gene and my daddy (take that to heart... I don't compare just anyone to my daddy)

Both of you will be wonderful parents. I saw the way each of you were around Si and it makes my heart happy to know that this new baby will have two adoring parents. Don't ever forsake your family. They are the ones that will stand by you no matter what, even if it isn't to their advantage.

Remember that no relationship is perfect. Remember to never take each other for granted. True love is wanting your partner to be happy more than you care about your own happiness. If more people today realized that, the world would be a much happier place.

Cherish this pregnancy, Jamie. Write a journal and take pregnancy belly pics that you can show to your child when she/he is older. My favorite part of Janie's babybook is the part I did before she was born. After she was born I never seemed to have the time to do it. God has blessed you with this child. Motherhood is by far the hardest job I have ever had, but it is also the absolute best one I have ever had.

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