Thursday, November 5, 2015

5 negative things about social media

5 problems with social media.

Anonymity. People have found it to be easier to interact with someone online because they can hide behind a computer screen. It is much easier to text or email someone hurtful things than it is to say them face to face.

Time consuming. With all of the social networking apps available now, many find it hard to connect to real life for fear they are missing out on something online. Online is not real life.

Mistakes are permanent. Before social media if someone had an argument it would be mostly forgotten in a few weeks. Now there is proof of the argument and there will always be proof. The Internet doesn't forget.

Interactive social skills in decline. Children are being raised with a smart phone and/or tablet as their main connection to their friends. They will meet up online to play role playing games and not even see their opponents. Children also don't learn how to properly address most situations, and instead of trying to talk to people they will bury their heads in their phone.

Social media is taking over our self worth. Likes on images on Instagram and Facebook, the number of snap chats we get in a day, is now directly linked to how a person values themselves.

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