Thursday, November 10, 2016

26 things about me:

A – age: 30-something
B – biggest fear: Janie and Si being hurt or unhappy
C – current time: right now
D – drink you last had: Pepsi Max
E – everyday starts with: snooze on my alarm
F – favorite song: At Last by Etta James
G – ghost, are they real? Yep
H – hometown: Jackson
I – in love? Definitely
J – jealous of? King Midas
K – killed someone? Not lately
L – last time you cried – yesterday watching Sophie’s Choice
M – middle name: Leigh
N – number of siblings: 1
O – one wish: my family to be happy
P – person you last called: Jason
Q – question you are always asked: how much weight have you lost??
R – reason to smile: my family
S – song last sang: heathens by 21 pilots
T – time you woke up: 5AM
U – underwear color: purple
V – vacation destination: Florida Keys in November
W – worst habit: biting my fingernails
X – x-rays you’ve had: oh gah, too many to remember
Y – your favorite food: Pop Secret popcorn & Atomic Fireballs
Z – zodiac sign: Cancer

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