Thursday, November 10, 2016


When I first heard of Trump running for president, I took it about as seriously as Kanye West running. Then I found out that he was actually running. At this point I thought this was a joke and he would never win. Then I found out that Hillary was his main opponent and all I could think was SERIOUSLY?!?  Not her. She is way too deep into shady politics. We have to have Trump. Then the more I started to like Trump’s ideas and plans to make America great again, the more I was told I didn’t care about my gay friends or that I was racist, or that I was stupid as a woman to vote for him because of the things he has said about women and that he was now being accused of sexual assault (kinda find it interesting that he wasn’t accused until after he decided to run for POTUS, but I digress...). All of this made me hide in the shadows. I have always been a Republican. I firmly stand with the GOP but that does not mean that I discredit my family or friends whom voted differently.

We need this. We need this man to come in on his high horse where no one can look him face to face and intimidate him. We need this man to push and take back what is ours, our country. Help our homeless. Employ our jobless. Take care of our veterans. Fix our economy. He wants us to live up to our full potential of life and I hope and pray that every one of you do too. We are all his people. You heard those words from his mouth.

Welcome #donaldtrump as our #45president #makeamericagreatagain!

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