Tuesday, January 10, 2017

And another...

And another...

 Lunch break thoughts about this ballgame last night and the comments that have been made:

 1) Auburn fans celebrating- well, I rooted for Clemson too- it's natural- when I moved to Tuscaloosa three years ago it was the night when AU played in Cali for the national championship. I went in three restaurants where almost all Alabama fans had on clothes from the other team and rooting hard against Auburn --I got take out and watched it at home. It's natural to root against your rival. Just be classy about it.

 2) Alabama fans hating on their defense. Are you kidding me. They are stellar. They literally lost one game- come on! And to hate on your quarterback who is amazing... I got one thing to ask... wanna trade?!

 3) People saying they are consoling their young devastated kids about the loss...whoa. I honestly read that several times- are you serious? You may wanna buy them a goldfish or something and just wait--cause they may need a lesson in loss and how to deal.

 4) And lastly... God wanted Clemson to win. Well.... I haven't personally spoken to him BUT my guess is that he is concerned with Syria, starving people, cancer, you know just a few other things. I'm not even 100 percent sure he had time to watch the game.

 That is all. Happy Days!

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