Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rammer Jammer?

Taken from a friend... 

Okay I just can't, I truly tried. I'm an Auburn fan (alum) who is classy enough to root for Alabama in the SEC game, but now my Facebook feed is literally full of supposedly classy Alabama fans trashing Auburn, whining because their team lost an important game and are being ragged about it by other teams' fans!

Here's the kicker though, those same ticked off Alabama fans are the SAME Alabama fans who dish out trash about other teams ALL THE TIME. It's football people, not life or death. My team sucked this year, and honestly has for a quick minute, but they are still my team.

Your team lost the national championship game...long story short, don't lose friends over being a jerk. You can dish it out ALL THE TIME, but can't take a little ragging? Really, really sad. It's called a rivalry for a reason!

Now, Alabama you had a hell of year. Good work. Auburn, get your crap together! Yes, I'm a rare person who actually wants to see our state's football programs excel...imagine that. Friends...get over yourselves. YOU start keeping it classy!

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