Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home sweet home

2017 is looking like it is going to be an even better year than I first realized!

Back in April or May of 2016 I found out that there were plans to move my teaching position to a new school about 15 miles away from my hometown for Fall of 2017. I don’t have anything against the town or the new school. It will undoubtedly be a really good thing for everyone... Except for me.

Now, I realize that the good of one should not outweigh the good of all. But I am also selfish. I love what I do (most of the time). I love where I teach. I went to school here. I grew up here. My daddy still teaches here. I am home.

This is my HOME.

When I came back to JHS after working in industry, I didn’t feel like I was starting something new. I felt like I was going home.

Now, yesterday I got a phone call from my principal. He told me that I will not be able to be moved to the new school because it will not be finished by the projected date.

Home sweet home.

It may only be one more year, but I will take whatever I can get J

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