Sunday, August 2, 2015

Getting ready for school

People keep asking me if I am ready for school to start. My reply is usually, "I might as well be, it's going to start of I am ready or not."

I can't say that I am ready. But I can say that I am excited :-)  this will be my 2nd year as the Information Technology teacher at JHS and my 1st year as the Computer Science teacher :-)

I haven't turned in my project for the class I am taking. I asked for an extension because Si seems to think he is supposed to be in my lap whenever I am working on the computer. I hope to finish it tomorrow and submit it.

Si starts back to daycare tomorrow. Janie will go to work with me (and we will go by the doctors office for her 6th grade shots -- shhh... She doesn't know that just yet). I hope we can get her some t-shirts from the high school and that will pretty much finish up her school shopping except for a mesh backpack.

I hope this year is going to be as good as I am feeling :-)

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