Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hide your crazy

I saw this post on Facebook (of all places) and I couldn't stop laughing the first time I read it.

You're welcome :)

Just as SOON as I get one skinny minute, I am planning a "nervous breakdown." I'm talking that full scale, one like a cousin of my mama's use to have in the 60's... Yes it makes her kinda my cousin also, but that's another story... The kind where you have to lay down in the back of the Impala and moan and talk about stuff that happened to somebody's rooster and that kind of nonsense.

I'm going to need one of 'em white long sleeve shirt things that wrap around your waist and buckle your hands and arms behind your back... Hannibal Lecter style. Complete with that thing over the mouth so I don't bite something, straight jacket if you please.

Can I get that in grey? 

I want to make the Yahoo! newsfeed. "Woman in old Napa store goes on rampage in make believe cabbage patch, rips up old peg board..."

Just not today. 

Nor the rest of this month. But soon.

anyone got an old white Impala? I want to do it up right...

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