Friday, August 21, 2015


I finally got my daughter's report card from last year (I wasn't worried about it because now that parents can log in to the home portal and view grades, I had kept up with her scores) and included with the report card was a ██████████████████████████████████.

Now, last year was the first year I had not checked up on her teachers to make sure that the standards were being taught. I had never had an issue with any of the teachers in the past, and I started a new program at my job (going from curriculum to another) and in hindsight, I was a slacker. I put my job priorities over those of being a good helicopter mom... *snicker*

Her grades on her report card ███████████████████████. Now, I had issues with ███████████████████████ and even got ███████████████████████ over my ███████████████████████. I ███████████████████████, even if only ███████████████████████because at the time it didn't matter much anyway. What was done, was done.

But ███████████████████████. I cannot go back and undo what I did, or even redo it. It wouldn't make much sense now anyway. All I can do is put my faith in the teachers she has now. And I do have faith in them. Every one of them is good at what they do and she is a bright child.

Oh, and ███████████████████████.

P.S. If you (███████████████████████) see fit to ███████████████████████. The old ███████████████████████. Can you say, BLOCKED?? Sucks, huh? :)

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