Tuesday, September 15, 2015

84 times

So Jason spent last night at the sleep center. I didn't even know such places existed until I started dating Jason. He has been using a c-pap or a bi-pap machine for his sleep apnea the whole time we have been together. Recently the machine stopped working correctly and since it has been 6 years since he had a sleep study done, the doctor told him he would have to spend a night at the sleep center.

Thankfully there is one about 15 miles away.

He had to spend the first part of the night without any type of breathing machine. They stuck all kinds of electrical leads to him so they could monitor his breathing. He stopped breathing 84 times in one hour.

84 times.


Si wasn’t very happy about his daddy leaving. He cried for about 20 minutes and then finally cheered up. Although he did keep me up until 11 o'clock last night…

He kept saying "Dada work" and "Dada bathroom" over and over again. His speech is getting better every day. We will be able to have a normal conversation in a couple of months!

Well, as normal of a conversation that one could have with a 2 year old, that is…

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