Friday, September 25, 2015

Confederate Flag

While sitting at the dinner table with my husband and in-laws, the topic of the current issue of the Confederate flag came up. Now granted, I am from Alabama, and I grew up knowing exactly what it meant. While most liberals only attack the Confederate flag because of their view of racism and slavery, I wish that our government would take this opportunity to educate the public about what the flag (and the civil war) was really about. How can people in this day and age be held accountable for what was done over 100 years ago? That would be the same as putting a grandchild in jail for something that his great-grandfather did. Removing Confederate flags from our culture will not cure the race issue in our nation. If anything, it will enrage a large population and can the flames that people such as Reverend Al Sharpton (I use that title loosely) Have ignited. We will never be a country that is at peace until bottom-feeders like him are removed from the public eye.

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