Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sarcasm font

I am sitting at school (been here since 4:30 because we had Open House tonight) listening to our group meeting through Google Hangout. I won't be having ANY input during this meeting, especially since I am such a troublemaker...

I really wish I was teaching this class right now. Having to wait until January really isn't what I had envisioned for this class. I hope to have it next year during my 1A block so that I will have my students from August through May.

Oh!! Danielle has moved to Tuscaloosa and is now the principal at the Tuscaloosa City Schools Career Tech Center. So we have been without a CT Director for the past few weeks. The position was posted and they finally hired someone tonight at the board meeting.

Ashlie!! So now we have no librarian lol 

BUT we have someone who understands Career Tech AND someone that knows we aren't idiots. 

I've gotta get back to this meeting although I am pretty good at multitasking, but I definitely don't want anyone emailing me this weekend and scolding me about my behavior.

See?? I can multitask :)

There definitely needs to be a sarcasm font... Because I would use the heck out of it...

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